Foods That Cause Inflammation Body Conditions



Foods That Cause Body Inflammation Conditions

From this article in Whole Foods magazine about avoiding foods that cause inflammation body conditions:

“you can get into ketosis the healthy way, using really high-quality fats
like Malaysian red palm oil (which is sustainable, by the way),
grass-fed butter, ghee, avocado oil, coconut oil (my favorite is
Barlean’s), and extra-virgin olive oil (I like Cobram Estates, which is
the greatest bargain in the world at Sprouts at under 10 bucks). Stay
away from seed oils like corn, soybean, canola, “vegetable” oil and
other oils that are extremely high in pro-inflammatory omega-6s.”

The state of ketosis involves avoiding foods like:

  • Sweets
  • Grains
  • Fruit (not all but most) because of fructose overload
  • Omega 6 oils (seed oils) without an Omega 3 content to balance the oil


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However, you can consume yummy items like a fabulous morning coffee drink which I describe in ” The Benefits of Bulletproof Coffee“.


You can put grass fed butter on your vegetables and zucchini-pastas.


pasta made from zucchini

Grain-free pasta


You can make your own salad dressings with olive, walnut, flaxseed or avocado oil in as many herb’d and spiced variations as you like.


In a nutshell, sweets (including breads, crackers, rolls, et al), grains and seed oils or trans fats are foods that generate inflammation in joints, muscles, blood vessels and organs, including your brain.


In my article “Foods That Prevent Cancer Naturally” you’ll find tips for an anti-inflammation foods list.


Wouldn’t you like to prevent and treat inflammation every day? You can!


turmeric foods that prevent cancer naturally




It is a doctor-designed formula to put out those inner fires!


What Is The Big Deal With Ketosis?


It really is a big deal and I’ll try to explain it as simply as possible.


Fats are a daily necessity in our diets, but not just any fat.


You can read very old books (two to three decades old) by Dr. Atkins and the Doctors Eades and Eades, about protein power and low carbohydrate menus which create a fat-burning mode in your metabolism.


However, you must cut way back on carbs, all sweets and starches, or your body chemistry will burn them for fuel and store the fats you eat.


Low carbs = fat burning for energy.


High carbs  = carb burning for energy/fat storage


fresh butter


And, very importantly, the right fats decrease inflammation in the body tissues.

Foods That Don’t Cause Inflammatory Body Conditions

“Advantages of ketosis

In a ketogenic state, the body reduces its blood sugar levels and
causes the liver to create chemical byproducts called ketones. As a
result of either the reduction in carbohydrates or the increase in
ketones, the ketogenic diet may help with:

  • weight loss
  • protection of the cells
  • reduced inflammation
  • lower physical stress levels”


That information comes from this article.


no carb salad


So a low carb diet helps you stay thinner, prevents cell degeneration, decreases inflammation and lowers stress levels. It’s a holistic if not metaphorically holographic system.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Food


PCOS is a big problem for women. It is related to a deficiency of iodine, although that is just part of the cause.

“Myth #4 “Women with PCOS are overweight”

PCOS is often associated with obesity, but not always. At one time, PCOS was defined as having all three
symptoms plus obesity, but we now recognize that there are different
“types” of PCOS. You only need two of the three symptoms of PCOS to have
the condition. The treatment of PCOS is based on the sub-type and your
goal (for example, birth control pills do an excellent job of
controlling the irregular cycles and treating the abnormal male hormone
of PCOS, but would not be the best option for someone try to conceive).
For overweight PCOS patients, a low carb diet with regular exercise is


From an article by Heather Rupe, DO.


woman crying


The above is a small snippet from an excellent article on the syndrome, and its complicated hormonal imbalances and confused brain signals.


And believe it from one who had had it, it is a very painful and inflamed condition. This was never diagnosed while I was young and training for a career in professional ballet. I had problems staying as thin as I needed to be for ballet, but I wasn’t obese because my metabolism hadn’t been hit hard by this condition yet.


And, I was eating a low starch/sweet diet as a matter of course.


One mistake I made, and pretty well everyone did then, was avoiding anti-inflammatory omega 3 fats. Egg yolks ( a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids) were “bad” and so was butter. I really didn’t like fish much either.


And if I had eaten a lot of fish, I would have carefully trimmed off the fat. Now I buy it in capsules to make sure I ingest it.


fish oil capsules

Get purified fish oil supplements.


This is my favorite fish oil supplement. You can click on that link to check it out.


But after retiring, and a pregnancy, the ‘doo-doo’ hit the wall for my health.


Twenty-five years ago I had no health insurance and did not get regular care. I didn’t understand enough about diet, good fats, and had never heard of foods like turmeric, krill oil, or grass fed products that help hormonal balance.

Keep Foods Yummy/Ditch The Carbs


Spicy and peppery foods can be great for decreasing inflammation. Yet those delicious and picante recipes traditionally go together with breads, rices and pastas, don’t they?


What would we do without Italian pastas and those awesome Indian and Asian dishes?


“Well-known, Delhi based foodie Divya Burman is a staunch believer that one should avoid carbs if they want to lead a healthy life. She tends to stay away from white flour, white pasta and major carbohydrates which only convert into unhealthy sugar in the body.”


The articles and Divya’s recipes are here.


CLICK HERE FOR a lifestyle/diet package with meal plans and recipes, all



Foods To Prevent Body Inflammation And Hormonal Imbalance


Very conveniently for us, these are the same foods. Healthy fats and oils create our hormones, and decrease inflammation. Some of these are:

  • Grass fed products like meats and butter/dairy products
  • Wild caught fish or purified fish oil supplements


In contrast, farmed fish are fed other animals’ manure and receive massive doses of antibiotics to compensate for their crowded conditions.


Grain fed animals produce meat and dairy high in omega 6 oils and deficient in omega 3 oils. They are also dosed with drugs and growth hormones, which humans then eat. Omega 6 fats increase inflammation.


Vegetables that can cause inflammation are non-organic products. Pesticides and herbicides are estrogen mimickers and nervous system irritants.


We simply cannot avoid all the hormone wrecking and cellular damaging products that surround us now. Drinks, foods and the air we breath is laden with disease causing chemicals.


Yet if we do what we can do, we can be healthier. Here are some related articles:

arm weighing food and heart

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elder woman and girl doing push ups

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iunhappy man

Get Help Today!

Natural Remedies For A Swollen Prostate


What are your strategies for decreasing inflammation (= disease, = aging)?


We’d love to hear your experiences. Just use the comment box below.


18 thoughts on “Foods That Cause Inflammation Body Conditions

  1. Hello, thank you for sharing this important informations about foods. I will apply your advices in my life for avoid inflammation on my body.

  2. Hi Kenny, and thanks for leaving your feedback here. I wish you and your family the best of health!

  3. Hi Chris and thanks for reply here. Inflammation causing foods will aggravate a previously or currently injured area. So the fact that you’ve had an injured back will account for some pain following a meal of alcohol (which is sugar), meats and desserts, but perhaps with no omega 3 oil beneficial content.

    Moisture and cold will also aggravate a previous injury. Yet if you had a foot injury you would feel it there.

    To your health!

  4. Hi Edwin. Re soy oils, many nutritionists say they are too heavy an oil to eat. Also unless marked Organic, soy is a genetically modified crop.

    It’s good that you are conscious of the omega 3 oils in your diet. That goes a long way toward better health.

    Thanks for leaving your thoughts here today.

  5. Hi Mariah. Follow the link in the first sentence, of the words “this article” and it will take you to a detailed explanation. It sounds difficult to maintain but perfection is always hard! Yet, you don’t have to be perfect. Just know that when you’re eating low carb, you can be burning fat.

    When you do eat carbs you’ll be burning carbs and storing the fat. So you can adapt gradually o gain control of that.

    To your success!

  6. Hello Eohia! Thanks for visiting my article. It sounds like you are dedicated to your health. For cutting carbs, just go very gradually. Maybe one by one, or however it works for you.

    So it slowly and you’ll hardly notice!

    I think that making your own salad oils is a great way to ingest the Omega 3 oils. Bottled salad oils are pretty expensive in comparison and nearly always have sugar and MSG in them.

    To your health!

  7. This is a detailed and very informative article. Lately I’ve been consuming a lot of high carb foods and I was thinking to myself… it’s high time I cut down on those carbs, but I’ve not gotten to it yet. I learnt a lot from your post especially the importance of omega 3 oils. I’ll be looking into consuming food rich in those and surely consuming low carb diets. The benefits are worth the effort.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I am learning new things everyday. I knew of omega 3 but I have never heard about omega 6. To think that oils from soya beans and the likes causes the inflammatory body conditions is also a big surprise. I always thought vegetable oils from soyabeans were healthy. 

    I also eat a lot of fish because I knew it had omega3 . This is a wonderful read.

  9. I get terrible inflammation of the lower back area, due to an injury I picked up working in the security sector about ten years ago now. 

    I’m wondering if specific foods can actually make that back pain worse after reading your article? Could this possibly be the case – can certain foods effect certain areas of the body more than others?

  10. Wow, you’ve got a lot of information in your article. I’m struggling to take it all in. As I was going through it I saw that you’ve written different things to eat and things to avoid in order to get into ‘ketosis’ but I am left unsure of what Ketosis actually is. I must have missed it among all the other information you’ve got in there. Would you mind pointing me in the right direction?

  11. Hi Nuttanee, you have this really figured out! Thanks for sharing your tips.

    Ginger is one of my favorite things! I recently made a chicken soup with a lot of ginger chunks. It was a little bitter, so I added carrots to sweeten it. I normally don’t eat carrots because they are too sweet for me, but in this case they helped.

    Holiday time is a hard time with kind people gifting us sweets at work. I can look away about 99% lol.

    To your health and Happy Holidays!

  12. Hi this is a fascinating post and I took a lot of useful information from what you said. I have showed my wife as she can relate better than me about feet parts of this topic like the weight gain after pregnancy and the hormonal changes etc.  The fish oil advice is cool for us we love fish in our diet. Thanks for sharing. Kenny

  13. Hi Joe. Thanks for your visit to my page!

    Sugar and starchy foods are a source of inflammation. Also, trans fats, often called hydrogenated fats, found in many processed foods (pretty well anything in a bag or box) will increase inflammation in the body.

    Foods don’t target specific areas of the body, yet some parts of the body are more vulnerable than others. Fluoride is a product that will facilitate the crossing of the blood/brain barrier, exposing your brain to irritants that shouldn’t be there. So that’s something to avoid! Just one example.

    Sugars function more like a drug than a food. They are like the quick burning twigs you start a fire with yet will burn out before the big logs even catch a good flame. Sugars also change the brain’s function and then, all kinds of biochemical patterns get messed up. More inflammation in the brain, and body.

    Inflammation is actually the way the body repairs irritated spots – the bowel as in IBS, the joints as in arthritis, the blood vessels too. A small amount, for a short time isn’t damaging.

    And too, if you’ve had an injury of a muscle or joint, that spot may hurt from cold, rainy days, and when you don’t eat well. Because it’s a more vulnerable place.

    I hope that answers your question!

  14. Additionally. one remedy to overcome ketosis is to include ginger or garlic in your diet. These food items can be found in well stocked supermarkets or open markets. Fresh lemon juice will also go along way in combating ketosis. Good day.

  15. This is a really interesting post on something which I didn’t know too much about until now, so thanks for putting it out there.

    Are there particular foods which cause inflammation to specific body parts or is it not that simple? Would be interesting to know if certain types of foods target certain parts of your body.

  16. You know what I had the other version of the bullet proof coffee, weirdly it give me the energy through out the day with no crash. My version I use coconut oil instead. I am actually follow the Keto and Intermittent fasting. So far I do like the feeling of my body. I do not crave sugar as much as I use to. I also eat less with a normal portion size now, basically because of the fasting I do not overeat. I do feel great. 

    I also drink my homage ginger tea everyday to decrease the inflammation. My version tastes awful though since I careless about the taste and just gulp down the benefits, so no sugar on my ginger tea. I drink 2 times a day before bed and in the morning.

    We cannot buy health let’s take a good care of our bodies and live longer.

    Happy holidays

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