Alzheimer Disease Prevention Diet

turmeric for alzheimers prevention


Is There An Alzheimer Disease Prevention Diet?

Alzheimer’s Disease is a complex condition involving the degeneration of brain cells. It can show up in middle age or old age after some years of invisible progression. I think that’s scary, don’t you?

Don’t we desperately need an Alzheimer Disease prevention diet?


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UCLA scientists have confirmed that fish oil (like the squid and calamari oils in OMEGA REJUVENOLis a deterrent against Alzheimer’s Disease.


But if you don’t like fish, you’ll lack these healthy oils. Even if you love it, you’re not going to eat it three times a day, right?


So what could be your alzheimer disease prevention diet?



Many Alzheimer’s researchers have stated that fish oil, whether taken in the diet from salmon, tuna, mackeral or other fish, or by nutritional supplementation, is an easily available and inexpensive food that may delay or prevent this degenerative disease.


DHA is the omega-3 fatty acid (docosahexaenoic acid) found in fish oil. DHA can start a cascade of chemical events in the body like this:

  • DHA increases the production of a protein called LR11
  • LR11 is found at reduced levels in Alzheimer’s patients
  • LR11 is known to destroy the protein that forms the plaque deposits in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • This protein, beta amyloid, is toxic to neurons in the brain.
  • High levels of LR11 prevents the toxic plaque from being made
  • DHA increases its production, thus omega 3 oils play their part in brain healing, or brain wellness


Coconut oil for alzheimer prevention is under study. It has been known to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease and restore a significant degree of functionality. It is not a proven cure, nor anything close. Yet incorporated into the diet, it is a well known anti-inflammatory food, and it is inexpensive.


Coconut oil can tolerate high heat in cooking.

Turmeric For Alzheimer Disease Prevention

Turmeric can be put into soups, stew, and smoothies. It is usually in curry mixes. It can be made into a paste and included in bedtime milk, dairy or vegan (made with coconut or almond milk). It is a well known anti-inflammatory food.

Supplements For Alzheimer Prevention

A big problem now is that we can’t get away from the many contaminants around us. We eat them, drink them and breathe them.

pollution chimney stacks


We’re born with them in us!


And most of these end up in our brains.


Our brains are built largely from fat – but not the junk fats we eat in processed food, and not from excessive amounts of omega 6 oils.


Omega 6 oils are necessary for good health, but only in a certain ratio to omega 3 oils.


Especially during pregnancy and the first few years of life, we need omega 3 oils in our diet. Our children’s brains depend on this.


If you think broadly and realize that you need omega 3 oils in your diet on a daily basis, you would choose a high quality supplement, wouldn’t you?

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Can Exercise Prevent Alzheimers

can exercise prevent alzheimers

Yes it can! Exercise is anti-inflammatory because it decreases stress. And decreases the flow of stress chemicals into our body. (Stress chemicals produce inflammation!)

“The knowledge that the physical well-being of the citizen is an important foundation for the vigor and vitality of all the activities of the nation, is as old as the Western civilization itself. But it is a knowledge which today, in America, we are in danger of forgetting.”

John F. Kennedy from an interview, 1960.



  • Elevates mood
  • Increase circulation
  • Increases muscle mass. There is so much to be gained from moving, be it walking, on a treadmill, swimming, or going to a pool class. The social interaction is beneficial too!

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PACE is an interval type series of exercises, by Dr. Al Sears, a workout you can learn and do at home. It is designed to increase lung capacity and muscle mass.

Brain Plaque Symptoms


The elderly often suffer a semi-starvation due to poor dentistry, insufficient stomach acid, and a poor diet in general.


Processed and institutional foods offer poor fats, and fats are essential to the brain. “Essential fatty acids” are those which the body cannot manufacture from nutrients – so we must eat them.


Yet, brain plaque symptoms can appear decades before Alzheimer’s dementia shows up. A person may enter a room and not remember what they came in for. For just a moment.


It may gradually be harder to remember names, the titles of books or films you are talking about. I find that alarming, don’t you?


Yet, anti-inflammatory foods and high anti-oxidant foods have reversed the brain function loss in studies. One in particular was done with pomegranate juice. If that freaks you out a little, watch this video and it will put things into perspective for you.


Avoiding contaminants from smoking, alcohol and drugs is a start in preventing any kind of brain damage.


But our daily eating habits matter just as much. Our diet needs to be as free from processed and preserved foods as possible.


Alzheimer’s Disease is becoming more prevalent – parallel to our bad eating habits and bad environmental care.


Fortunately, Alzheimer’s research is leading us back onto track.


Getting a quality supplement will contribute a great deal to an Alzheimer Disease prevention diet.


If you have a family history of dementia or diagnosed Alzheimer’s Disease, that doesn’t mean you will suffer from this.


An early Alzheimer Disease prevention diet can make a difference. And enough of a difference!


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Do you have any experience of this? I’d love to hear your comments or questions below.

12 thoughts on “Alzheimer Disease Prevention Diet

  1. Hi Michelle, it’s so true that the simplest and very available products can be used for so many every day applications. It’s a huge bonus that something as scary as Alzheimer’s might be prevented or slowed down in its progression by these same things!

  2. Thanks for your input here Glenys. Many people are looking for healthy changes in diet and lifestyle to prevent Alzheimer’s. And, brain fog can come from other things like low blood sugar and adrenal fatigue. I think it’s good to be a little bit scared and apply all we can learn to take care of our brain. Best wishes!

  3. Hi Thabo. Thank you for your thoughtful response! The prevalence, as we know it to be now, of Alzheimer’s Disease, is pretty scary. As a civilization, we’ve lost control of what crosses the blood/brain barrier. It is so sad that we might outlive our brain. Now that the stigma is gone, hopefully more information will keep coming to help us prevent this condition, and care for those who have it.

  4. You’re welcome Brittaney! I do love coconut oil for all its nutritious and cosmetic applications. I love it that it is available and inexpensive too!

  5. Thanks for your input here Christina. Exercise does increase circulation, therefore nutrition and oxygen to the brain. In the Pace program, there is an example of how to use the treadmill as a high intensity interval form of exercise. It’s a tremendous advantage for you that you know your family’s history and you have the knowledge (and more will come!) to stay healthy.

  6. Hi Fred. Yes it’s sad that the meat and dairy products that could supply us with good saturated fats, are harmed and changed in the marketing processes. And we pay more for grass-fed dairy products and meats that are not drugged and fed cement in a large feed lot before slaughter. Thanks for your thoughts!

  7. Hello Dianne,
    Great article. I love turmeric and coconut oil. I use both a lot in my meal preparation as well as my body, skincare, and hair care. Yes, I use turmeric as a face mask for clearing dead cells and coconut oil as a moisturizer for my hair. It is so amazing how much good Mother Nature has given us. And now, to us it for Alzheimer’s, very interesting. I will have a look at your product suggestions as well.
    All the best.

  8. I never knew that Fish oil could help prevent alzheimers disease. Alzheimers is a horrible disease and as our population ages then more and more people will succumb to this illness. It is nice to also think that coconut oil and exercise will help as well. I noticed that you said turmeric is another really great one to have.
    I don’t have alzheimers luckily, but I must confess that from time to time I can walk into a room and think “now why did I come into this room again?”.
    I think these are all tell tales signs that I should improve my diet with the ingredients that you recommended. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Dianne,
    Alzheimer’s can sometimes be a closet disease– by that I mean the caregiver’s early reluctance to accept the fact that a loved one has the disease, coupled with society’s current discomfort regarding dementia, has caused some early Alzheimer’s situations to be covered up for a time.
    This has sometimes impeded effective, timely treatment of dementia.
    This why I found your post so powerful and timely. I think it’s great that you are not treating Alzheimer’s as a closet disease by pointing out how it can happen to any of us, and what we can do to recognize the symptoms and take action to prevent long lasting damage. Great post!

  10. This was very informative Diane. I knew that coconut oil was good for your brain and memory but I just didn’t know how good. Thank you very much for your post.

  11. Similar to Alzheimer’s, dementia, is a concern in my family history. I have been exploring many natural supplements and ideas on how to prevent and delay the possibility of it happening to me. Had never considered exercise for the brain! This sounds like another added idea I can use. I use a treadmill now but this Pace looks like a system that could be beneficial.

  12. Nice post and very true statements our body needs the omega 3’s for our brain and also for our heart health. Supplements and vitamins is almost a must this day and time. With all the processed foods even the way our meat and dairy products are produced.

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