Ginger For Anti Aging

ginger for anti aging


Ginger For Anti Aging

“Ginger Rescue All-Natural Ginger Supplement With 12 Antioxidants More Potent Than Vitamin E” is how Dr. Al Sears introduces this rock star in anti aging spices. The Chinese and other Asian areas have

used ginger for anti aging for over 3000 years (and perhaps for longer, although we don’t know for sure).

Traditionally, it could be peeled and sliced into hot tea, or lemon juice and honey in hot water.

Nowadays you can blend peeled ginger with honey, lemon juice and (except for kids) pressed raw garlic. This mush can be added a tablespoon at a time to hot water to relieve the inflammation of a common cold.

Yet, could a daily supplement help prevent infections?

And, could it enhance your anti aging diet?


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What Are The Best Natural Anti Aging Treatments

The fact that ginger offers you 12 antioxidant compounds more powerful than vitamin E means it gives you

the first line of protection against cellular damage.

Damage to your skin, mucous membranes, connective tissues, joints and all parts of your cardiovascular system. Effects that can leave your appearance and experience of everyday life seeming to be like that of someoneĀ  far beyond your years.

Ginger is considered to be a Medicine Chest in the Ayurvedic tradition. Ginger is included in skin care formulas and in massage lotion products in order to heat, calm inflammation and condition the skin. Ginger is also used to delay skin aging and may prevent skin cancer because of the multiple anti-oxidant properties.

This is how ginger restores a radiance to your skin, and heals rough skin. It also is used as an anti-fungal product.

Yet beauty is much more than skin deep, and ginger serves you best from within. That’s why I recommend Ginger Rescue as a daily supplement.

Beauty from within is very much related to your digestion.

Ginger teas are well known to alleviate a nauseated stomach. Whether from morning sickness, anxiety, an over-rich meal, food allergies, or whatever unknown cause, it’s a long time used remedy.

It helps with your regularity because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

Anti Aging Spices

Ginger is one of a few anti aging spices. Cinnamon is another anti aging spice. It’s flavor is commonly added

to coffee mixes, candies, toast and honey, and chewing gums.

Cinnamon is known to help maintain sugar levels in your blood. Because of this it is marketed in standard dose supplements.

Turmeric is another anti aging spice. My post about it is HERE.

The image to the right here will lead you to a recipe for “gummies”. I’m sure the flavor of cinnamon or ginger can be substituted for turmeric.

Kudos to all the moms who take the trouble to make homemade items for their families!

And I’ll bet those gummies can also be made into boiled hard candies and used as cough and sore throat lozenges!

How To Stop Joint Pain

Joint pain can start when we’re children. Young athletes may complain of pain and they’ll be told it’s a “growing pain”. Growing pains are real. Yet they’re made way worse when a child loves a sport, or figure

skating, or ballet.

And for the older folks, joint pain can torture us because we’re retired from, or just previously loved engaging in a sport or figure skating or ballet as a hobby!

Physical labor in construction or military activities can lead us to constant joint pain.

And just lack of physical activity (which you can fix!) can also lead to joint pain.

Anti aging spices in teas, liniments, and food can help us sooth joint pain.

And if we don’t have the inclination, or time, Ginger Relief, a daily supplement, can help too.

Natural Honey Health Benefits

Honey is a natural sweetener that doesn’t spike your blood sugar, as a cane sugar, beet sugar or high

fructose corn sugar would.

Therefore, honey is the added ingredient in Ginger Relief. Ginger is a bit bitter. And a touch of honey helps with its ingestion.

Honey is in fact, sweeter than sugar so less is needed to complete a recipe.

And, honey itself offers anti-oxidant properties, so it is a fitting additive and sweetener for Ginger Relief.

Act now to benefit from the anti-inflammatory, anti aging effects of Ginger Relief.


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Do you have a plan for anti aging? Have you used a ginger or other spice supplement? I’d love to hear from you about this! Leave your comment below.

6 thoughts on “Ginger For Anti Aging

  1. Hi Lisa. Yes ginger is a very multi-use type of herb. It is pretty amazing! It has an anti-inflammatory effect all through the body, so it is anti aging. To your health!

  2. Hi Cynthia. Thanks for visiting my blog! The supplement I write about is liquid. 1/2 tsp is the equivalent of 6000 mg of fresh ginger. The medical doctor who makes it recommends 1/2 to 1 tsp a day (adult). To your health!

  3. I didn’t know ginger had anti aging abilities. I was also surprised to find out, ginger is included in skin care formulas, massage lotion products in order to heat, calm inflammation and condition the skin. That is interesting.

    I commonly use ginger to settle my stomach, when I’m not feeling well. Thanks for a very informative post.


  4. Great information on Ginger. I will start eating more of it now! I usually only take it for nausea when traveling but I think I will add it daily. Thank you for writing this! How much should I take if I take it daily as a supplement?

  5. Thanks for your comment Sue! I too love the flavor of ginger. I think it’s good to use supplements if you don’t eat ginger. I love it in stir fries and roast recipes. Yet, supplements are always handy!

  6. Thank you for this informative article! I have used ginger root for teas, added it to smoothies and other concoctions. I love the taste and the aroma. I’ve never thought about a supplement though. I think it is worth checking out.

    All the best,

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