Herbs For Joint Pain And Stiffness

healing herbs for pain


Herbs For Joint Pain And Stiffness

Joint pains can show up as early as during the teen years and for the luckier ones, the over sixty crowd. Fortunately, there are herbs for joint pain and stiffness. For the younger, and more elderly. I, for one, could have benefited greatly from such a solution as a teen training in professional ballet.


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Now I would tell my ballet students, and figure skating students I know and recreational dancers and skaters, to find a drug-free supplement to take their pain away.

The tree in this image is Boswellia, or Indian Frankincense. It is the main ingredient in MOBILIFY. AL


What we know: Boswellic acids – the active components – may have strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. They may also help prevent cartilage loss and inhibit the autoimmune process, making Indian frankincense/boswellia a potential therapy for RA in addition to OA.” from the Arthritis.org website.


“Indian frankincense prevents the production of hormone-like substances in your body that act as triggers for joint inflammation.” From the Arthritis UK Research website.

Healing Herbs For Pain

Meadowsweet is the second ingredient in Mobilify. It is also known as Bridewort and Queen Of The Meadow.


Meadowsweet is considered to be as helpful as aspirin. It has no side effects. Meadowsweet has long been used as an anti-inflammatory aid for indigestion, arthritis, rheumatism, headaches and gout. It is also considered helpful with infections.


Meadowsweet has also been traditionally used by herbalists for skin conditions due to its detoxifying properties and  diuretic effects. These  soothing effects of meadowsweet make it a useful treatment for disorders such as cystitis and urethritis, and edema.


The salicylates (salicylic acid) present in meadowsweet are similar to aspirin and they decrease irritation and swelling (inflammation) as well as pain. They are especially effective in arthritis problems. However, unlike aspirin the drug,  meadowsweet buffers stomach lining and that of the intestines. These anti-inflammatory benefits make Meadowsweet a crucial part of the Mobilify mix.

Best Joint Relief Supplement


Bromelain. Studies in bromelain has shown that it has:

  • Anti platelet properties
  • Anti mestastic (cancer cell growth properties)
  • Use in postoperative constipation
  • Use in postoperative edema
  • Episiotemy pain and other wound healing
  • Decreases inflammation in asthma
  • Increases milk yield (O.K., a little off topic!)
  • Decreases colitis inflammation in mice
  • Has anti-tumor properties superior to some chemotherapy drugs
  • Inhibits the growth of  cancer cells in the colon

Takers anyone?

Top Joint Pain Supplements


Papain is an element able to break the protein chain down (by however many degrees) to a substance easily assimilated by the body.


From the papaya. A personal note: I never liked the papayas I bought in Toronto. They were imported, and therefore could not be fresh.


Years later, traveling in Nepal, I had some papaya cut fresh from a tree. Whoa! What a difference in flavor – sweet, intense! O.K., moving on…


Papain supports:

  • The intestines, stomach and pancreas
  • Wounds like burns, skin rashes and bug bites
  • Fungal infection response
  • Immune support even in cancer
  • Prostate inflammation

Top Joint Pain Relief Supplements


Arnica. Used since the 1500’s. Used for wounds, bruises and skin rashes.


Arnica, from a flower, used:

  • Since the 1500’s, still universal today
  • Decreases pain from bruises and wounds
  • Decreases muscle and joint pains
  • Reduces swelling
  • Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis
  • Has antibacterial effects
  • Reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis


There are many popular Arnica ointments and creams. It most certainly belongs in Mobilify.

Best Natural Pain Relief Supplement


Chinese Skullcap is another herb well known to alleviate pain and aid detoxification of soft tissues. It has also been studied (rats and mice) for:

  • Decrease inflammation in severe pancreatitis
  • Reduce muscle wasting in anorexia
  • Reduce the potential for weight gain from a high fat diet
  • Compares to ibuprofen for pain relief
  • Diminishes inflammation in diabetic retinopathy
  • Combined with cathecin (a plant anti-oxidant) shows to be comparable to naproxen for osteoarthritis in the knee joint


There is a further long list of studies with Chinese Skullcap involving bacterial infections and anxiety. Copies are available at Green Med Info.


All of the above herbs effect the results not only because of the pain relieving properties but the detoxifying effects on the connective tissues and muscles.


Do you ever get that pain right inside a joint? The insertion points where muscles meet ligaments and bone can become congested with toxins and once the area is inflamed, those spots start to hurt where you can’t even massage them!


It is possible to recover a decent quality of daily life with no drug side effects.


>Please note that MOBILIFY is intended for persons 18 years and over.<<<<


Check out the free shipping and discount options for MOBILIFY HERE.



For other inflammatory conditions you can read more here about cancer and here about IBS.


Have you given up hope for relieving pain? Have you tried herbs for joint pain and stiffness? Please share your ideas or questions abut his below!



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  1. Hi Thabo. Thanks for your feedback! I agree, I talk to seniors almost every day who are trying to avoid drugs. For one thing, some of them cost hundreds of dollars (in the US) a month. If they can adjust their diet, learn the right exercises, and wear braces where needed, they can do without. Cheers.

  2. Hi Dianne,

    This is a very informative article and I read it with particular interest as my niche focus on providing pain relief from the elderly who suffer from back pain and mobility issues. More and more pain sufferers want natural remedies to such things their back pain or joint pain. There has been an explosion of interest in the brace and support market as seniors are buying braces, especially knee braces, at a greater pace than in the past. That said, Seniors are becoming tired of reaching for the pill every time they are in pain. They don’t like the feeling of “being in a haze” from the effects of the pills. I think the alternatives that you offer are very helpful.

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