Top Supplements Brain Health And B12 Review

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Vitamin B12 is considered one of the top supplements brain health requires.


The lack of nutrition for sustaining brain health is a leading factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease which is often invisible for years.


Vitamin B12 is associated with memory, and sustaining good memory as one ages.

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B12 Becomes Less Well Assimilated As We Age


Let’s find out what the best form of this brain nurturing vitamin is and why Re-Energized is recommended.





Here is how Dr. Al Sears explains the declining digestion cause:


“You see, vitamin B12 struggles to survive in stomach acid. It needs help to
make it through your stomach. It does this by “buddying” with a protein
called intrinsic factor to make it safely to your gut. Think of it like a weedy guy hanging out with a tough guy to make it down a dark alley.

But as you age, that protein — that tough guy — gets weaker.”


He, and most doctors you might ask, recommend a sublingual product, rather than a tablet that you swallow. There are many available, some with questionable fillers and sweeteners that don’t belong in any “health” supplement pill.



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Re-Energized – Easy To Carry, Easy To Take


“Vitamin B12 drops and sprays often have a better composition than B12
pills. Some of the additives found in vitamin B12 tablets, such as
magnesium stearate, are suspected to negatively impact the absorption of
the vitamin. These additives are not required in vitamin B12 drops and
vitamin B12 sprays, meaning the body can absorb the B12 directly.

The simplicity of the handling represents a second advantage of B12 drops
and sprays: many people experience difficulties in swallowing tablets or
capsules and can avoid this easily when substituting for a liquid B12 supplement. This form of B12 is also undoubtedly the most comfortable for children and the elderly at present.”


This is explained by Dr. Schweikart at


Also a small spray bottle is so easy to take with you for when you need it, don’t you think? Pop it into your purse, laptop bag or gym bag, or into your pocket.


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Pros Of Using re-Energized


Who can benefit from taking Re-Energized? What are the ingredients?


People who get tired or stressed during the day, or lose their concentration. Is that you? And how does it help?


Consider this; a B12 deficiency results in:

  • Fatigue
  • Memory faltering – you know how you have to work at retrieval a bit sometimes?
  • Loss of concentration – it’s only 3 PM and “I’m so done“, right?
  • Stress, worry and anxiety, which leads to insomnia, inconfidence and social withdrawal
  • Irritability, which strains all your relationships except maybe your eternally forgiving dog
  • Rapid mental response gone; remember how good that job interview went ten years ago? 🙁

B12 is not the only powerful ingredient in this formula.




Schisandra is a genus of twining shrub that generally climb on other vegetation. Some early publications misspell the name as “Schizandra,” but “Schisandra” is correct. Various authors have included the plants in the Illiciaceae.” –Wikipedia.


There are at least three spellings of this plant I have seen so far.


Schisandra has been through studies spanning decades, with professionals in stressful fields, and it shows improvement in the conditions described in the list just above.


Green Tea Extract

So much has been written about this powerful anti-oxidant anti-cancer product. It has become an accepted supplement, as well as a favored hot or cold drink.



A long studied brain energy booster, this is included.

ginseng flower


The B Vitamins


Vitamin B1 is crucial to efficient brain function.


B2 and B6 lower stress responses, which in turn keeps your homocysteine levels down.


You can read about homocysteine and keeping its harmful effects minimized here:





B3, along with B1 helps your brain produce energy. A Rush Institute for Healthy Aging study showed that consumption of B3 decreased the chances of aging-related memory decline by 80%.


B5 supports your adrenal glands, enabling the secretion of adrenaline when you need it. It also needs to be replaced before your next adrenaline need.


B9. A three year long study showed actual regeneration of memory and brain power in 800 participants. Those people reported clearer mental acuity and faster memory retrieval.


B12, as described above.


These B vitamins are all in their own natural and organic forms (no lab made like Folic Acid for one example).

smiling woman


Having this amazing formula in a spray bottle is way easier than going to the doctor for B12 injections. That is the way many older people have been treated for a long time. And many whose health insurance does not cover it, they simply go without.



Liquid drops and B12 sprays have a shorter shelf life. However, the one dose of  sprays ensures that with daily use, it won’t be sitting on the shelf, but will end up where it belongs – in your brain!


(Re-Energized comes in a dark glass bottle just in case you sometimes have to keep it in the light. That would shorten its shelf life too, which is why many natural and drug medicines come in dark brown, green and blue containers.)


10 Brain Power Packed Ingredients In One Bottle

All of which contribute to:

  • Improved memory
  • Speedier mental processes
  • Decreased stress
  • Lower homocysteine levels, lower risk of stroke and heart disease
  • Better concentration
  • Better moods!
  • No brain fog and “senior moments”


Buy Re-Energized At A $00.62 A Day Price


bottle of vitamin B12 spray




Wouldn’t you like to have the speed of mental responses and memory you had years ago?


Do you take vitamins and supplements and choose your daily nutrition to slow down aging? Please do tell us of your strategy! We would love to hear from you!

Use the comment box below.

8 thoughts on “Top Supplements Brain Health And B12 Review

  1. Hello Ilaisaane, and thanks for your input here.

    I agree with you that the spray delivery for B12 can make a huge difference for us, because of its ease of use, and portability.

    I love the idea of staying mentally sharp until the end of my work day, especially without having to load up on coffee.

    Keeping up our reserves of B12 is incredibly important to get the most out of life.


  2. Hi Matt’s Mom! B12 is a unique vitamin in that it is so important yet problematic in getting assimilated properly.

    I love the spray because I’m just not up for injections! I had been using the sublingual tablets for years, and had no idea they were about 5% assimilated, if that.

    Since we are living longer, we certainly don’t want to outlive our minds!

    To your health!

  3. Hi Marshall. You comments here are very valuable! It’s true that B1 is a great balance supplement for any kind of brain burnout and growing kids push it to the max.

    I’m glad you’re using B12 and getting those great benefits! 

  4. Hi Babsie and thanks for your feedback here.

    The sprays truly are handy. I get the three bottles auto-shipped for free shipping and the best discount. I’m really not up for injections!

    Vitamin B12 deficiency has been noted in folks with Alzheimer’s Disease – a really big reason to keep track of it.

    And you’re so welcome. I try to keep up with the good information! Regards.

  5. Thank you! This is something that has started becoming an issue with me as I age and reading your article about the Re-energize B12 drops/spray has helped me to understand better what is affecting my short span of memory these days. It is not extreme but I notice (and everyone else around me also) that I forget things so quickly and it is starting to scare me a little. I have bookmarked your post, because I will definitely look at buying me a spray. I think the spray will be better as I hate the aftertaste of anything medical. The fact that B12 can come as a spray is genius!

  6. I did not know that vitamin B12 was good for the brain.  I definitely do not want to lose my memory, and by no means do I consider myself “senior”.  But I am in my 50s and it is something I think about.  I want to keep my mind strong, so this might be a great supplement for me.  I like the spray you have listed, and it looks like it has a lot that would be beneficial.  Thanks for the great review!

  7. Thanks for teaching me about the top supplements for brain health. I agree that B12 is very important, I personally make my kids take Vitamin B1 every night before bed, believe it or not it doesn’t help increase energy levels, it balances it out and allows for a stable burst in the morning and mellow drift to sleep at night. I take B12 every morning because B12 unlike B1 helps me retain more focus and sustain more motivation to persist on a project. It gives you more mental clarity.

  8. Yes, I’ve heard a lot about the sprays, and I think it sounds like a great way to take the vitamins for best delivery.  I’m a big fan of B12, wow, it just has so many benefits and brain health is definitely one of them.  Thanks for providing such great information on your site about vitamins and health and how these vitamins affect the body and help with all kinds of things.  Great review!

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