Weight Loss Programs Women Over 50 Can Succeed With

Weight loss programs women over 50 can succeed with are a combination of diet, supplements for some, and the exercise plan that suits one’s age, one’s level of muscle strength and flexibility and one’s stamina.

Below I discuss two different exercise programs that may interest you. They are both effective for men as well.

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Aging Backwards – Is That A Realistic Concept?

You bet it is! Miranda Esmonde White explains it so that we, the lay people, can understand exactly what motivates our cells to entertain the idea that there is more life to live! And how the cells signal the brain to keep everything going! It is the most motivating book written on exercising I’ve read to date.

Here is a video of Miranda discussing the book.

Here is an article I wrote Winter Workouts which gives some more info on training indoors, because that is necessary or preferable for some.

Healthy stretching will always improve muscle building.

In turn, stronger muscles:

  • Burn calories while you sleep
  • Improve your balance and reflexes/prevent slips and falls
  • Make hiking, camping, traveling and touring more fun!
  • Possibly expand your social circles and activities
  • Prevent senior isolation as your situations change
  • Increase good moods because exercise does
  • Keep your cardiovascular system healthy
  • Increase bone density/prevent bone loss
back strengthening exercises for women

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Keep active with your family!

Weight Loss Supplements Women Over 50 May Benefit From


Why don’t women stay thin, or get thin easily as they age? Have you experienced this?

Have you noticed a slow down in your daily energy, and in your ability to maintain or lose weight?

Be aware that this is “natural” if you are eating grains and sweets like you did in your twenties.

Have you heard about the teen epidemic of obesity and fatty liver disease? (Non-alcoholic).

Yes, the teenagers have caught up to us! They, and we, can benefit from:

  • Hormone balance blood tests
  • Information about muscle building supplements
  • Getting a good thyroid supplement
  • Taking the best krill oil supplement
  • Learning about inflammation conditions and natural remedies for those
  • Keeping track of your BMI (body mass index) – use this calculator
    Achieve better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Buy grass fed meat and dairy products to balance your Omega 6/Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Make your own salad dressings with healthy oils and no sugar (high fructose corn starch et al)
  • Take a muscle building supplement.


how to get rid of the fat

How To Get Rid Of The Fat

One of the leading cleanse supplements for weight loss is PACE Cleanse. You can combine with the right weight loss program and your choice of exercises.


PACE Express Cleanse is:

  • Gentle and contains no harsh stimulant laxatives to irritate the lining of your colon. It’s a natural, botanical blend that works while you sleep.
  • Safe with none of the side effects you get from over-the-counter brands. It won’t deplete you of essential vitamins or nutrients, and won’t cause addiction.
  • Effective. This colon cleanse removes toxic residue that is left behind on the walls of your intestines, soothes irritation, and restores regularity back into your day without a hitch.
  • Convenient and easy to use. Just a few capsules and a glass of water before bedtime. There’s no interruption to your daily lifestyle. You get up in the morning and it’s business as usual.
  • Made with all-natural, high-quality ingredients and no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, wheat, gluten, soy, corns sugar, salt or dairy.” – Dr. Al Sears
loe 10 lbs fast

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Staying fit is well worth our efforts! I just read this today:

“The most wonderful thing about getting older, that no one ever talks about ,
is that we still have many more years to live. Middle age is getting
extended by more than a decade. We are not older longer, we are middle
aged longer.” – from Quora

“Muscle building training increases in importance as you grow older. Muscle
mass is lost as you age, and it takes more workouts, and more intensive
weight training, or resistance training, to maintain or build muscle.
Combined with some exercise that pushes up your heart rate, in small
burst, at specific intervals, this is a very powerful way to keep your
muscles strong. And there are other health benefits as well.”

Article Source:

I wrote that article in 2010, and that is still true.


Healthy Office Space Workouts That Build Strength, Boost Your Metabolism and Improve Circulation


The above is the title of an article I wrote in 2007. I had a physio ball for my desk at work then. I was worried about sitting so much. The ball was a great relief both mentally and physically. “Sitting is the new stroke” was rampant in the media.

That is a scary thought, don’t you agree?

I bought a pedometer and started walking more. I also used break times to do some PACE type exercises. The most strenuous one to do in a small space, is the jump rope routine. I would do it without the rope.

You could do something like that too, couldn’t you?

In three to five minutes you get a high exertion workout. You start at your own p.a.c.e. and increase slightly over the weeks.

Then go back to your desk and sit on the ball.


physio ball for weight loss

Understand The Benefits


“Push that chair into a corner and get a physio ball, and turn your office space into a healthy space! If you are the boss in your office space, be a leader in health and fitness. You and your employees will benefit in invisible but healthy ways.

Breathing will be deeper and more oxygen will be going to the brain! Metabolism will stay gently stimulated. Muscles will be moving with no strain instead of gripping in positions leading to spasm and pain.

This is not dramatic but it is evolutionary. Think about what a truly comfortable and supportive office chair costs. Not a little! And not that everyone shouldn’t have one. But a good quality physio ball costs under $35.00, and many come with a hoop or pan to prevent rolling. Some office supply stores even sell a chair with a ball in the frame.”

Article Source:


The Low Carb High Protein Diet Lifestyle

Cutting out all the white foods (grains, potatoes, breads et al) and getting plenty of fresh, organic, vegetables, salads and proteins, can reverse a slow metabolism

I say organic because the chemicals in sprayed foods mimick hormones and it is not possible to maintain a hormone balance. This leads to weight gain.

One easy to use food program is the No Nonsense Ted package. I recommend it because it’s inexpensive, and offers both menu plans and recipes. It is a handy time saver to have in the kitchen, and the 185 page e-book you get is a compilation of the information about low carb eating from the past couple of decades.

Are you in the older end of middle age?

You want to age in a healthy way, and maybe even backwards, don’t you?

If you’re younger, you’d probably want to see your parents aging with strength and agility, right?


Vitamins Build Muscle Mass

The Belly Fat Melt Diet

If you’ve come to this page, I assume you’ve had frustrations and challenges with health. Please do share your story, we can all learn from each other.

Use the comment box below.


8 thoughts on “Weight Loss Programs Women Over 50 Can Succeed With

  1. Hi MissusB and thanks for visiting today.

    I’m glad your mom watches her diet. Those Classical Stretch exercises wold be ideal for her. Anyone just starting an exercise routine can do as much of it as they can, at first.

    As you learn it, and get used to it, you can just keeping adding on the exercises until you do the whole thing. One huge benefit is the increase in bone density that accrues.

    To your health – and your mom’s too!

  2. Hello, and thanks for visiting my blog! Those DVDs would make a very thoughtful gift. Some people are happier exercising at home no matter the season. I exercise inside when it’s very hot out. It’s also good to have these for when it’s just rainy and miserable out!

    For sure, anyone 50 or over should have a good exercise routine handy. It will keep up one’s strength and bone density, and I know a few peeps in their 80’s who hike and ski regularly.

    They are my inspiration! 

  3. Hi Zihad. You’ll be happy to know that the Aging Backwards results have been proven! No wishful thinking there.

    It is good for all of us that we can find good information on nutrition. A lot of it goes against tradition, with the long time reliance on carbohydrates to keep everyone fed.

    I was surprised recently when I was given the choice, at a restaurant, of having traditional or Cauliflower Rice!

    One thing some people can add at their office space is a cycler under the desk. A small cycling bike is made to fit underneath, so that you can exercise at work.

    I have looked at these and the ones around $75.00 get the best reviews, for being sturdier and more stable on the floor.

    I am planning on getting one! 

  4. Hello Shannon. Yes the physio ball is a great tool. You’ll find videos on YouTube showing all kinds of exercises for strengthening different areas of the body.

    You will also find many videos from the Aging Backwards author. These are about 5-12 minutes and include the strength and stretch exercises that are so rejuvenating! Just search for Classical Stretch or Essentrics.

    It is very rewarding to feel your muscles and joints loosening up as you get used to these routines.

    All the best!

  5. This is a good news for middled aged women out there. It’s an easy guideline to restore health and beauty. I’m gonna show this to my mom. Though she’s older than the bracket, I know she can still benefit from this healthy lifestyle especially in exercising. Then amount of workout is just right for aging women. It’s not strenuous but it can keep them fit and lively. 

    My mom is ok with her food. She’s very discipline when it comes to what she takes everyday but I haveb’t noticed if she’s taking a supplement. Thanks for sharing this! 

  6. Wow great topic! It’s nice to see women over 50 working out and I appreciate you giving two great programs with some pretty solid pointers. Winter exercising can be tough when the weather is cold or it snows a lot. Things like snowshoeing and skiing can be fun. Your DVD on classical stretching looks fantastic and I’m bookmarking your page because it will make a nice gift(s), thank you!

  7. Hello K Lee,
    Articles like yours are so much helpful while obesity is a leading problem in this days. This article will help people to learn to be healthy. Thanks for that. Good to learn about the PACE Express Cleanse to get rid of body fat. Also liked the knowledge about white foods like grain, potatoes, breads. but is it possible to make my office space a healthy space when I am just a small employee? and aging backwords concept is some doubtful I think. But low carb high protein diet concept is great.

  8. Thank you for your advice and ideas on how to age more gracefully, or even backwards. 

    I am not quite 50 years old yet, however because of an accident years ago I am not always able to be as mobile and agile as I would like to be. The work I do keeps me confined to an office sitting near a computer much of the time, so I am especially interested in the physio ball. I have seen these before but I never took action and got one for myself. I think now is the time! 

    I tend to have a lot of back pain because of limited core strength. I have heard that the use of a physio ball in my office instead of a regular desk chair will help build core strength. I very much appreciate you bringing this back to my attention. Thanks so much!

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