The Top 10 Health Risk Factors

top 10 health risk factors


Do you know what the top 10 health risk factors are?


On March 1, 2016 The Beckers Hospital Review published a list of the top 10 health risk factors that currently challenge the health care industry.

  • Alcohol-related harms
  • Food safety
  • Health care associated infections
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • HIV
  • Motor vehicle injury
  • Nutrition, physical activity and obesity
  • Prescription drug overdose
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Tobacco use


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Those ten items are related to at least a hundred conditions involving the functionality, social ability, educational level, longevity, dependence issues (both physical and financial), and basically – the quality of living and dying.


Over a year later I can’t help but wonder if the prescription drug overdose problem (the opioid use/abuse epidemic) wouldn’t be at the top of the list.


If you prefix those items with  “the absence of” (except for nutrition and physical activity) you’re looking at an idea of happy, healthy, productive, successful and fulfilled individuals, families, and societies with all their sub groups.


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How I Will Help You Make Vitamins And Supplements Choices


I write on this blog because I want to help you get the right information about vitamins and supplements. And I want you to get updated and constantly revised information through my vitamins and supplements guide website.


I do my best to encapsulate the volumes of information about health products because I know how overwhelming it can be to sort it out. I don’t want you to get buried in a mountain of info when you want to feel better as soon as possible.


I don’t say “feel better right now” because nutrition doesn’t act like a drug in the brain or blood. But still, you can feel better pretty fast with good food and good supplements to help your digestion, your brain power, your outlook or the quality of your sleep.

Why No Discount Vitamins


I don’t recommend you buy discount vitamins. Your fresh foods, vitamins and supplements are not the purchases to seek bargain prices for. It is easy to find ways to save money on items that don’t directly affect your health.


When you buy these products you will see a discount package and auto-ship options! Here is one example:


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What Are Some Ways To Stay Healthy


Many people have a daily health challenge that makes them feel that they have to try a little harder to stay truly well. Does that sound like you or someone in your family?


If so, you can probably relate to something on the following list:

  • “I’d like to get better sleep
  • I’d like to have mental clarity all day long
  • I wish I didn’t crave sweets
  • I’m done with these mood swings!
  • Both my parents had heart disease and I worry I’ll get it
  • I wish I recovered better from exercise
  • My dark secret – I dread going to the gym!


I think our bodies are chemical/electrical/energetic geniuses. Yet we may only now be on the edge of understanding exactly what they need to function well. We know we should eat good food, drink good water and get good sleep.


Many people have taken Vitamin C for decades because they’ve learned it helps them through the cold season. I recall an elementary school I attended that had a vitamin program for giving out Cod Liver Oil (for Vitamin D) pills in the winter. I don’t know if any do that now.


But what about all those other vitamins and minerals? What are they?


In this modern, competitive, fast-moving, goal-oriented life, a few decades have gone by and now:

  • The air is bad
  • The water is polluted with chemicals and drugs (the ones we take)
  • Naturally produced food is expensive
  • Schedules (ours, our partner’s and kids’) take up all our “caring” time (meal prep, relaxing, communicating, intimacy)


Isn’t that almost impossible to keep up? Overwhelming?

What Are The Benefits Of Good Nutrition


Good nutrition can help. You need it. Learning about it takes time but it’s a whole lot easier than it used to be. You used to have to go to a book store and grind through the browsing of dozens of publications on vitamins and supplements. Well, I did anyway.


And those books were big and heavy and rarely under $50.00.


Do you want the benefits of good nutrition? More energy, better sleep, more confidence and more optimism?


Some of the benefits of good nutrition are:


It’s all related. In fact, it’s really hard if not impossible to separate one factor from all the others. It’s holistic.


Some of the top 10 health risks factors are not in our control. Unfortunately a lot of what other people do (drink heavily, take harmful drugs, neglect food safety and hospital cleanliness, have careless sex and smoke) is completely out of our control.


So it all comes down to you. Just you. You need to be healthy and balanced so that you are less affected when others around you aren’t.

How To Relieve Stress With Food


Junk foods full of sugars, bad fats, MSG and other chemicals, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and chemical colors, don’t feed us. They can give a quick jolt of energy and even generate endorphins because your brain considers these foods poison and is getting ready for something really bad to happen! The endorphins are released to help you deal with anticipated pain!


And, just the opposite, healthy foods and beverages loaded with vitamins, minerals, and co-factors for assimilation will both prevent and relieve stress. Stress relief food could be things like:

  • A snack of few walnuts giving you minerals and omega 3 fats (great brain food)
  • Chopped vegetables and salad with real olive oil and lemon juice with herbal seasonings
  • A boiled egg in late afternoon with a little sea salt
  • A quality supplement such as Recharge designed to give you a long lasting energy boost


Do you want to have more energy all day, and at the end of the day and be relaxed enough to enjoy it?


I hope to help you get better health information and improve your health in all the ways you need.


Please leave any comments or questions below. I will get back to you!

4 thoughts on “The Top 10 Health Risk Factors

  1. Thanks for your thoughts Thabo! Nutrition does play a major role in handling stress. Once it is chronic it is indeed a real battle to reverse it. Yet, it can be done!

  2. Very informative and needed post, Dianne. One of the things that I have explored in my own niche is how stress can literally break your heart; how it can devastate your immune system. If that isn’t bad enough, chronic stress can also make you lose your hair. One effective way to deal with stress is nutrition.

    I think you do a very good job of showing how nutrition іѕ the power source that enables the body tо function properly and keeps іt healthy. You also make a great point of showing how the body benefits from “real energy” it gets from proper nutrition as opposed to the short term boost of “junk food”. Overall, a very nice post.

  3. I’m glad you found the article useful Yvette! I encourage people to take care of their health because life is so much more fun when a person is strong and balanced!
    We must try to enjoy life as much as possible, right?
    To your health!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article. I am one that tries to eat healthy, work out, and take vitamins. I like what you said about not purchasing discount vitamins. That is great to keep in mind and I will definitely share that information with others.

    The section on how to relieve stress with food is excellent! When trying to stay healthy, it is always necessary to keep your body in balance, like you said, and getting adequate amounts of sleep is one of the core elements.

    Keep up the great work!

    Kind Regards,

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