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Memory Brain Booster Supplements From A Garden Flower

Who would guess that the pretty periwinkle flower can provide us with a mental clarity nutritional boost. In Europe and Japan this is one of the most recommended memory brain booster supplement, and is used by millions of people.


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This is because it has shown to be a natural safe counter to decreasing mind power.vinpotecine brain booster supplement


The effective nutrition in this flower is called VINPOTECINE (vin-PO-si-teen).



Vinpocetine is a high performing food for your brain. Would you like to improve the following?

  • Occasional brain fog
  • Attention
  • Concentration
  • Clear memory


Vinpocetine is one of the natural and most powerful remedies for the “senior moments” that many experience as they age. But you don’t have to lose your mind power that you are used to having.  Photo source.


Tune Up That Fogged Brain Now

Early in life, your brain produces all the elements it needs to be sharp and effective. Yet, beginning in young adulthood, these brain chemicals are already on the wane. And therefore your mind power is also diminished.

Restore Your Mental Abilities

With the right brain food, these mental abilities are easily restored. And what’s more, your brain responds to vinpocetine as soon as you start feeding it this wonderful health supplement. It is a real, natural food.


Vinpocetine increases circulation to your brain, and keeps you stocked up on dopamine. Dopamine is a key brain chemical which helps you stayed motivated and focused. Its benefits support not only your mental clarity, but your ability to follow through your thoughts and creative or problem solving ideas.


It is pretty amazing to grasp just how much fuel–meaning blood flow and nutrients, your brain requires, daily. Or more accurately, heartbeat to heartbeat.


Your brain takes one-seventh of your blood flow to perform all its tasks.


When your brain does not get the nutrients it needs, you lose brain cells. I’m sure you have heard how your brain physically shrinks as you age.motivational exercise poster


Thus the importance of good circulation and oxygen flow to your gray matter. That is why exercise is also importance as an anti-aging activity. Brain cells cannot take a break from oxygen. It is a moment to moment requirement for life.


Vinpocetine not only improves oxygen function in the brain, but it is a powerful antioxidant as well. This means your brain cells are protected in another important way by this tiny garden flower.


Vinpocetine raises the oxygen level in your brain and preserves its fuel chemical, ATP, or adenosine triphosphate.


How To Increase Your Dopamine


An easy way to increase your dopamine is to eat sugars. Sugars being, fructose in sweets, carbohydrates (grains and pastas), and alcohol. Ingestion of sugars cause a huge dopamine release in the brain.


Yet, repeated consumption of sweets and high carb meals will lead to addiction, as the dopamine receptors in the brain will decrease in numbers. You will feel compelled to keep prompting more dopamine release but you won’t get the result you want.


Memory brain booster supplements are the healthier choice.


Researchers have shown that this natural health supplement vinpocetine can produce the following results:

  • Increases calm as well as mental clarity
  • Increases the speed of blood to the brain
  • Heals minor stroke damage
  • After 90 days, blood flow to the brain remained higher even when persons were at rest


Don’t settle for getting old! Click on the bottle below to view the list of ingredients, discounts, and free shipping options when you try this incredible brain booster, Vinpocetine Plus.


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