Best Diet Plan For Type 2 Diabetes

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Best Diet Plan For Type 2 Diabetes


“Charlotte Summers, Chief Operating Officer at Diabetes Digital Media,
said: “In 2018 over 13,000 people in England signed-up and completed the
Low Carb Program saving the NHS around £10.8m.”

This medical doctor wrote an app for a smartphone to help patients stick to the best diet plan for Type 2 Diabetes.

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A Good Diet For Type 2 Diabetes Plus Exercise



“People become type two diabetic when
their body no longer makes enough insulin to control blood sugar levels.
If sugar levels are too high they can lead to complications such as
heart disease, blindness and stroke.”


You can read the entire article about this here.


Years ago in the book Slow Burn by Stu Mittleman, (AL) another medical doctor explains how he reversed Type 2 Diabetes with this slow motion type of weight training. So this is not new, yet still doesn’t get enough attention.


Here is some more startling news:


“One of the most striking studies on carbohydrates and brain health revealed a high-carbohydrate diet increased the risk of dementia by 89 percent, while high-fat diets lowered it by 44 percent.”


That’s really awesome if you think about it, don’t you agree? That’s a difference of 133%.


A low carb/high fat diet can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and reduce your risk of dementia!


Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s dementia is somehow related to insulin resistance, the precursor to Diabetes which then may be followed by heart disease and strokes.


“This interconnection between high-sugar diets and Alzheimer’s was again highlighted in a longitudinal study in which over 5,000 individuals participated. Over a decade’s worth of data revealed the higher an individual’s blood sugar was, the faster the rate of cognitive decline.”


That is quote from this article. It is long and covers a lot of questions you may have about this topic!



Consuming sugar and other carbohydrates liked boxed cereals, sodas and sweetened bottled teas and coffees can increase your blood sugar levels and disrupt your brain function even if you’re not diabetic or showing any signs of dementia.


Yet, you would rather sustain mental clarity all the time, right?


You can start by cutting out starchy snacks and sweets. Just that!


Can I Get Rid Of My Visceral Fat?


What is visceral fat? It is the fat wrapping around your abdominal organs. It is the most unhealthy version of stored fat, yet according to Dr. Zoe Williams it is the easiest to lose.

If you’re overweight, there comes a point when it is difficult to bend over to tie a shoe, or pick something up. Eventually, you simply can no longer bend over to the floor, or even a lower shelf.


The bubbles of fat we get under our skin, get in the way when we want to bend or twist. We can still look good in well selected clothing, including well cut business clothes.


Yet the fat we can’t see, is like little pillows between your organs, and I can only imagine your organs get squished every time you try to turn around to a large extent.


And your blood vessels get cramped like a garden hose someone has stepped on, when you bend over. That may not be clinically accurate, but you get the idea.


And, this fat is the easiest to lose. Good news!


If you’re out of shape, try the PACE exercise program to get you started at a comfortable level of exertion. Pretty soon you will be increasing your exertion with good results.





For more information about visceral fat, click to this article, and watch the video.


Five Foods To Help Get Rid Of Visceral Fat


Dr Luke James, medical director, UK Insurance at Bupa UK advises eating:

  1. Lean Meats (grass fed meats have a better Omega 6/Omega 3 balance than grain fed)
  2. Skinless Chicken
  3. Beans (Legumes)
  4. Eggs
  5. Fish, which can be fatty because those are good Omega 3 fats


You can read more about that from Dr. James here.

Number 4. from above, eggs, needs a re-visit. Buying eggs can be confusing, and here are guide lines from Dr. Sears.

  1. Try to get “Pastured” or “Pasture raised” eggs. These chickens are truly outsidde and run around and eat what they want.
  2. “Free range” does not mean these chickens get outside. They are in a crammed barn, with a door somewhere which they may never find or use.
  3. If nothing else is available, go for “Organic”. Whatever these chickens are fed, there are no added hormones or antibiotics.

Eating eggs lowers your metabolic profile, and thereby helps prevent Type 2 Diabetes.


When you reduce harmful fats (saturated, trans fats, vegetable oils) you can think about replacing them with healthy fats. Sometimes a daily supplement will help. Krill oil is an excellent oil to add to your consumption.



Low Carbohydrate VS Keto Diet


Low carbs in your diet nudge your body into burning fat for fuel. Basically it’s starving for the handy sugar burning calories, yet it is a natural and healthy alternative for it to burn fat.


The larger demographic for Type II Diabetes is middle-aged to senior peeps who have developed metabolic syndrome. That means that they are not burning fat, but storing it. Their metabolism has slowed down and the tendency is for a person to become sluggish, hate exercising and are losing muscle mass too.

The reversal involves:

  • Cutting carbs
  • Eating sufficient protein to help build muscle mass
  • Choosing proteins with healthy fats
  • Exercising in a way to trigger muscle building


A low carb/high protein diet is not necessarily a high fat diet, which would be a keto diet.


Nor is it a low fat diet.


If you choose high quality fatty products, you can eat the fat. You’ll burn it!

Would you like to know more about building muscle mass?




Why I Recommend The No Nonsense Ted Diet Package


That’s such a cheesy name, right? And the long intro video is even cheesier. But funny too. However, after you click on the link to the information, you can select to read the transcript instead.


I recommend this plan because:

  • It is affordable with a money back guarantee 
  • You get lots of low carb, high protein meal plans
  • You get lots of recipes
  • You get a 185 page ebook
  • You get some introductory fitness exercises (I still prefer the M.D. designed PACE program)


In other words you get a lot.


Do you think you may have metabolic syndrome? Have you been gaining weight and feeling tired? Do you think you have been addicted to carbs (starches/sweets)?


And more seriously, might you have Type 2 Diabetes? Here are some warning signs:

  1. Frequent urination
  2. Dry mouth/increased thirst
  3. Unexpected weight loss (assuming you’re not dieting)
  4. Feeling hungry all the time
  5. Foot pain and numbness
  6. Frequent infections/feminine health issues
  7. Blurred vision

I got that list from The Everyday Health website.


If you have access to healthcare and have any of the above symptoms ask your doctor for some blood tests. Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled or reversed. And everyone I know who has cut carbs and increased protein has expressed an increase in well being, especially in higher energy levels.

More Benefits of Healthy Diet and Exercise Especially For Seniors Over 60


Healthy muscles will prevent loss of balance and loss of reflex accidents.


Muscle building/muscle recovery will burn more calories even while you sleep.


That factor will increase your metabolic rate.


The PACE type exercises will increase lung capacity which will in turn support your heart health.


Basically you will be unwinding the “winding down” that we have been taught to expect, as normal aging.


Remember the Atkins Diet? Low carb high protein…Dr. Atkins did not die of old age. He slipped on an icy sidewalk and hit his head, fatally. He was a healthy 74.


What is your experience whether you’re young or old? How are things going? We’d love to hear your story, just use the box below.  

4 thoughts on “Best Diet Plan For Type 2 Diabetes

  1. Hello Freddie. My personal experience of people who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes is that they are over 45 and closer to 60.

    Once a person notices that that have a hard time losing weight when on a low calorie or low carb diet, they should research diet and exercise to prevent them from becoming diabetic.

    I do wish you and your family the best of health!

  2. Hello Igor and thanks for your input here. You are right that it can get complicated with Type 2 Diabetes. Everyone has different vulnerabilities and must take care of them. 

    I personally know two older people who have managed it well – one person reversed it entirely with interval exercises and the other is careful with diet and is able to enjoy her retirement with travel etc. They are both active and doing well.

    My best wishes to anyone who has this condition. Be optimistic!

  3. Hello K Lee What age group is type 2 diabetes most common in ?I wanted to know because I am over 50 and diabetes doe’s run in my family.I do have a brother and sister who are diabetics after reading about best diet for type 2 diabetes and about THE PACE PROGRAM were they can learn about the reversal of type2 diabetes.I think this is very helpful  for people who have type 2 diabetes

  4. Diabetes type 2 is a very complicated disease. Even more then people think. People do not understand how important diet is. Taking a proper nutrition system, you might make your disease less severe. This article shows how important is diet when you are suffer from diabites. Must have for patients. 

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