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Do you ever wish you could just FIX why you can’t seem to lose weight? Figure out why you crave sugary foods? Do you just want to take a pill and repair your broken metabolism? Miraculously, you can! Have you heard about Recovery – the natural blood sugar control supplements? CLICK over to see more about the benefits!


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the natural blood sugar control supplements


I Want To Increase My Metabolism Naturally”

I’ve heard this from friends and ballet students for years. Athletes and the rest of us want to control high blood sugar naturally. We older folks may have tried some problematic diet pills in the past. Pills that worked but left harmful side effects and eventually got taken off the market.

to learn more about controlling blood sugar naturally .

Fix Your Metabolic Resistance Syndrome

syndrome: a group of signs and symptoms that occur together and characterize a particular abnormality or condition

A syndrome is an ongoing uncomfortable (in the case of being overweight, or not thin enough for certain activities) and less healthy state. The word makes it sound like this is something that can’t be fixed, and must be tolerated. Not so!

Metabolism can be damaged. Our body can lose the ability to burn fat and switch to burning sugars for energy. This disrupts our insulin production.

High blood sugar can lead to:

  • High blood pressure
  • Small blood vessel damage
  • Loss of pancreatic functionality
  • Chronic fatigue

And the dominoes fall from there!


Best Supplement For Blood Sugar Control

When I look at the ingredients in Recovery Metabolic Rescue , I first see that I LOVE cinnamon!


Yummy cinnamon, which I have added to both coffee and tea for a long time!

Did you ever have cinnamon toast made in the broiler so it was candied on the bread? Oh yeah!

Sadly, that is a perfect food for switching your metabolism from fat burning to sugar burning.

  • Bread (white or dyed brown)
  • Brown sugar (yum!)
  • Butter (the one thing that slowed down the sugar burn!)

Of course, you can eat things like this if you go exercising afterwards!

kayak to control high blood sugar

I love Turmeric too. And I have previously written about it (CLICK HERE).

Such good news for you from this page:

Now, for the first time, it’s available to you.  Just take a look how your health can be transformed by taking RECOVERY: Metabolic Rescue every day…

  1. 1. Banish unwanted weight and slim down*
  2. 2. Reduce carb cravings
  3. 3. Reduce appetite to prevent overeating
  4. 4. Keep fasting blood sugar levels healthy with an 86% success rate
  5. 5. Enjoy great post-meal blood sugar with an 86% success rate
  6. 6. Normalize HbA1c (the measure of your blood sugar the past 6-8 weeks)
  7. 7. Enjoy healthy total cholesterol
  8. 8. Maintain healthy LDL cholesterol
  9. 9. Keep triglycerides healthy
  10. 10. Maintain healthy blood pressure
  11. 11.Increase HDL “good” cholesterol
  12. 12.Boost glucose metabolism by 20 times
  13. 13.Reduce risk factors associated with high blood sugar
  14. 14.Slash your risks of a blood sugar “disaster” by 54%
  15. 15.Keep insulin levels healthy
  16. 16. Make insulin receptors work better
  17. 17. Reduce insulin resistance
  18. 18. Support nerves and circulation in feet and legs
  19. 19. Restore your insulin producing beta cells
  20. 20. Improve insulin sensitivity
  21. 21. Supercharge your energy to youthful levels

Are you ready for a resurgence in energy and health? Ready to love exercising again?

runner defies metabolic resistance syndrome

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not able to make changes for your health right now. I hope that gets better for you soon!
    Thanks for the info about the melons. I’ll have to add that to a post. Stay as well as you can!

  2. Very cool information. I wish I was in a position to be able to take this on, but as things go, life happens. Without cooperation from others in my situation, it is impossible, yes impossible to make these changes right now. Yes, things are that bad and I am the only one that can change them. Did you know that melons of any kind are also great for getting your cholesterol down and recovering some health issues that one may have. Thank you for this interesting post and hope to read more later.

    Best wishes.

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